How to create a custom SharePoint 2013 People Directory

In this article I explain two alternative solutions for creating a “who is who” or People Directory page in SharePoint.

Solution 1
The first solution is to create a Search People Page, which is a standard page layout in SharePoint. The standard search result web part does not show any results unless a query is specified.

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Custom validation in SharePoint 2013 page layouts

I this blog post I will explain how to add your own custom (client-side) validation to a SharePoint 2013 Page Layout.

As you already might know a page layout if often associated with a content type within SharePoint. Every page layout is associated with a content type, typically one of the content types in the Page Layout group. For example, the Article Page content type that is associated with the Article Page page layout, both of which are included in a publishing site. A content type is made of site columns, which together define a schema of allowed data types.

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SharePoint page state is commonly used to perform specific actions based on the state. For instance, isInEditMode is used to determines whether the page is currently being edited. For more page state methods and their description please visit next MSDN link:

SP.Ribbon.PageState.Handlers Methods

Using next line in JavaScript you will be able to check whether edit state of a SharePoint page:

var inEditmode = SP.Ribbon.PageState.Handlers.isInEditMode();

In this blog post I will explain why this solution sometimes is not working and present the solution.

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Finding and manipulating SharePoint Controls in Page Layouts


Recently I have been working on a project where we needed to create page layouts in SharePoint. SharePoint provides you the possibility to include page fields into page layouts. A very common way to include these fields  is to use snippets that you could automatically create by using the Snippet Gallery. In this post I will provide some mind-blowing tips and tricks about customization of Page Layouts in SharePoint.

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